Thursday, 29 December 2011

NBA Week One: Questions

Already, we're 4 days into the regular season. Most expected as much, but it's sure to be a blur. In the handful of games we've seen so far, I've noticed a thing or two worth a mention.

  • Was this the closest thing to a Miami loss we're going to see this season? Heat look good early.
  • Is Blake Griffin really an all-star? Didn't look too good against Golden State. "Bad Blake" could soon refer to his shot selection, not his Clint Eastwoodness.
  • Dallas look pretty crappy so far. Cubes misses you, Tyson.
  • NY can't rely on Chandler to be their only center, much too foul prone. Tyson miss you, 'Wood.
  • Boston normally explodes out of the gates and then slows down as the season goes on. No pre-Christmas buffer might seriously hurt the Celts down the stretch... physically and in terms of playoff seedings. 
  • The Suns are adjusting to a new style of play, and their offense is suffering. If there's anyone that can get Phoenix firing again, it's Steve Nash. Rejuvenated Robin Lopez is an encouraging sign. Absolutely horrid 3pt shooting is not.
  • This rookie class will prove to be far from talentless. ROTY will be a tight race.
  • Eric Gordon will be the Marc Gasol to Chris Paul's Pau Gasol. Except, Gordon will be better. And soon: 2-3 seasons.
  • On that note, David Stern for executive of the year anyone?
  • John Wall will not break out this year.
  • Jrue Holiday will.
  • Markieff Morris will prove he's the better twin, will average 20+mpg, Marcus will hardly get a look.
  • Seriously, who will be able to stop Miami?

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