Thursday, 5 January 2012

An Exciting Announcement!

Very rarely is a successful blog a 100% individual effort. Often, websites like this will utilise more than one author or contributor to the site. In some cases, it's to reduce the work load on the blog's creator, and in others the intention is to provide an increase in published content and to give readers some variety, to see the same topic discussed from more than one perspective.

Initially, I had planned to keep this blog as a solo venture until it outgrew me, where I could have people approaching me asking to be a contributor. That might come across as cocky, but trust me, it happens. Instead (and this forms part of The Exciting Announcement), I've reached an agreement with an old friend of mine, somebody I've known since high school.

Posting as bringbackfreddy, Matt is what some might call a sporting aficionado. His favourite athletes include, but are not limited to Kobe Bryant, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods and Brad Fittler. As a consequence of living in the Southern Hemisphere, a majority of Matt's preferred sports offerings are usually only available very late at night - not that it would stop him. Of course, the wide range of sports (and sheer quantity) Matt follows provide him with a unique insight, which coupled with his professional writing style (for those of you playing at home: Matt works as an accountant - meaning long hours of writing professional sounding crap in reply to other professional sounding crap. Trust me, he's go that down pat.) makes Matt's decision to join Basketballs and Kangaroos all the more exciting, and I think he will prove to be a valuable member of the team.

As far as basketball goes, Matt was one of the original NBA fans among my group of peers. Some might say THE original. He's been at it for a long time, and hasn't wavered in his support for Kobe and the LA Lakers from day one. On the court, he was an adept ball handler, distributor and 3pt shooter and often got some sneaky steals before giving the game away.

We're still working on what we might bring to the blog as a team. Things like power rankings and head to head discussions aren't original, but they work so you'll probably see them from time to time. In the mean time, I've given Matt free reign to start posting his thoughts on the NBA, life and whatever else he feels like!

(Note: As I mentioned before, Matt works long hours so for the most part his posts will come on the weekends. Look for his first post to be up no later than Sunday)

I'm happy to take suggestions for a weekly, fortnightly or monthly section that Matt and I can work on together. Also, if you're interested in writing for Basketballs and Kangaroos, be it as a one off cameo or with an eye to something longer lasting, leave me a comment with your email and we can go from there.

Welcome Matt! (bringbackfreddy)

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