Monday, 9 January 2012

NBA Week 2.5 - Questions, Answers to Week One

It would seem I'm a little slack with my scheduling. I'd intended to make this a weekly feature, offering up observations on the week's news and play, and answering (where possible) the questions I asked myself from the week prior. So, let's not conform to times and dates and just roll with it, yeah? Sounds good!

So, on the 29th I wrote this after four days of NBA action. These are the things that still hold true from last time 'round:

  • Miami are a good basketball team.
  • Boston and Dallas so far, are not.
  • NY still can't rely on Chandler to be their only center.
  • John Wall will not break out this year.
  • Jrue Holiday will.
  • The Suns picked the better twin. 'Kieff looks good.
I said some other things too, most of which shouldn't really be commented on for a little while longer. Too soon to tell with those ones. Now, for the next bout of things I've noticed/want to mention!

  • Steve Nash has found some form, and strangely enough, so have the Suns. In wins over Portland and Milwaukee, Nash has 27 points (86% shooting), 26 assists to 6 turnovers and is a combined +48. He played 28 and 27 minutes respectively.
  • Markieff Morris will earn All-Rookie First Team honours, if he can keep this pace up.
  • Injuries to key players will be a recurring theme this season, it would seem. Memphis (Randolph, knee), San Antonio (Ginobili, hand), New Jersey (Lopez, foot) and Oklahoma (Maynor, knee) all face the prospect of playing without these guys for most of, if not the entire season. How they deal with it will play a huge part in their postseason aspirations.
  • The Knicks could use a smart, been-there-done-that PG to run the show. Funny how that works.
  • Three of last season's playoff teams are under the .500 mark, all out West... South West, to be precise: Dallas (4-5), Memphis (3-4) and New Orleans (2-6) are on pace to miss the post season.
  • The Clippers (4-2), Jazz (5-3) and Suns (4-4) are the teams taking their spot at this point.
  • Boston is the only team out East not in the top 8 out of last season's playoff teams. Celtics fans shouldn't worry, though - Cleveland took their place. Shouldn't last too long.
  • Speaking of not lasting long... are the Pacers really the 3rd best team in the East? Who saw that one coming?
  • Ricky Rubio had 14 assists today. Expect more of the same as the season goes on.

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